A Red Tent ॐ

A Community.
An actual Virtual Village.

A Sacred Space for all women, for all ages.
We embrace the responsibility to learn and remember our women's wisdom.

You are welcome and will be embraced.
We share, we support.
We are family.

A Sacred Sisterhood where there is everything you have ever wished for.


What is A Red Tent?

A Red Tent is a sacred space.  Where women (or those identifying as women) come together.  To share, support and connect.  Womb Wisdom.  Moon Mysteries.  From Birth to Death.  The ultimate Sisterhood.  The Maiden. The Mother and The Crone. 

We connect often, we do ceremony and we currently have a virtual place to lean into and we hold impeccable space for each other.  

What is a Virtual Village ?

A Virtual Village is the bringing back of community.  Where we have a safe place to fall.  Where we have a safe place to celebrate.  Where we have a safe place to be.  Everyone offers their gifts and we work in harmony for the collective consciousness.  We have all the conversations about all the things. .

Imagine finding a place that you have wished to be part of; this place exists.  Here in A Red Tent..


How does it work?

We are a group of women lovingly guided by global spiritual leader, Nicole Phoenix Starr.  12 Pillars of A Red Tent.  Bringing the love and grace of Sisterhood into a place for all.  We share all the things our mothers never told us.  We talk of birth, childhood, parenting, health, wealth, relationships, nutrition, sickness and wellness.  We hold space and we listen.  We talk of recipes and bleeding.  We laugh and we cry.  We pray and we play.  It's everything you dreamed about or wished for.

It's still a work in progress bringing it to light, bringing it online and bringing it into a tangible offering. 
The free space.  The workshops.  The guidance.  The contributions.  The Store.

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Welcome to A Red Tent..

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Ancient and Future Wisdom

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