A Red Tent ॐ

A Community.
An actual Virtual Village.

A Sacred Space for all women, for all ages.
We embrace the responsibility to learn and remember our women's wisdom.

You are welcome and will be embraced.
We share, we support.
We are family.

A Sacred Sisterhood where there is everything you have ever wished for.



What is A Red Tent?

A Red Tent is a sacred space.  Where women come together.  To share, support and connect.  Womb Wisdom.  Moon Mysteries.  From Birth to Death.  The ultimate Sisterhood.  The Maiden. The Mother and The Crone.

We connect often, we do ceremony on the Moon and we have a place to lean into and we hold impeccable space for each other.  

What is a Virtual Village ?

A Virtual Village is the bringing back of community.  Where we have a safe place to fall.  Where we have a safe place to celebrate.  Where we have a safe place to be.  Everyone offers their gifts and we work in harmony for the collective.

Imagine finding a place that you have wished to be part of; this place exists.  Here in A Red Tent..


How does it work?

We have a monthly call and meet together for ceremony and sharing.   We get an email every week with the weeks meditation and the work for the week.  Each month will be a teaching and theme.  Some months we will have Guest Teachers coming in to share their expertise.  Anyone can apply to be a Guest Teacher and share to the community.  A platform for sharing and teaching.  We have a private Facebook Group to support and communicate.  There will be chances to share products and offerings as we grow the community and everyone can contribute.  A Red Tent in the Virtual Village.  

The energy exchange is $44 a month.  (Which is less than a bottle of wine a week, or coffee and cookie, or anything you wish to compare it to).  A nominal fee to be part of a rich, diverse, global community to support your daily practise.  With accountability and the deep remembering of the teachings and wisdom of the ancient futures.

Join us today by filling out the form,  you will be kept updated with all the information.  Payment occurs the day before we start and then it will be an automatic payment on that day each month.  You will be kept at this entry price and can leave at anytime by cancelling your recurring payment.  It's super easy.

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Our Starting date will be shared very soon!

All the finer details will be filled in on this website in the coming weeks.
Monthly Membership Program.

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