A Red Tent Agreements

Agreements for the FaceBook Group

Hello precious woman!

Welcome to A Red Tent, a nurturing, sacred, safe place for all women and all those who identify as a woman to share, learn and revel in the experience of everything that is of woman and the divine feminine in an embracing community.

This is a carefully created and curated space, where big magic and thriving happen. Magic and thriving occur when specific conditions are in place; conditions such as safety and resonance.

For this purpose, the below guidelines and rules have been put in place for all members to uphold the integrity, safety and respect of this deeply sacred space.

1. Be Kind and Courteous

It’s simple and straightforward: We're all in this together to create a welcoming, safe environment. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

2. Be Respectful of Privacy, Confidentiality and Boundaries

What is said or shared in this group, stays in the group. This is a sacred, private space where vulnerability is shared. Do not post / share the personal information of others that is said in this vulnerable, safe space, it’s uncool and unkind. Being a part of this group is about mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, and can also be sensitive and private. Please don’t talk outside of here about those in here, and be incredibly respectful of the sensitivity of other people’s shares. It’s not cool to share another’s journey without their permission. (If you are for any reason concerned about anyone, talk to them directly, not to anyone else in the group or outside of the group). This is about respect, integrity and clean, clear boundaries. The opposite of this will not be tolerated.

3. Be Responsible for your Communication: Practice Compassion

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed or tolerated, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, weight, parenting, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated - this includes self hate and bullying. If someone rubs you up the wrong way, assume they have positive intent (hey we’re all human and sometimes the translation can get all wonky), and if you need to address it with them, do it privately and respectfully with an intention to work it out. Basically, play well with others and be kind. We’re all adults and we all know what that looks like. In this group we are all responsible for our own feelings and our own process - we share them and we own it. This is about radical self-responsibility and treating everyone with compassion, including yourself.

4. No Promotions, Spam or Contests

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links will be deleted and if language in posts sounds persuasive or promotional in any way, it may be declined. This sacred space isn’t the place for you to promote your stuff, share your blog posts, or any self-promo-ey posts - subtle or overt. They will be deleted. P.S. you know if you’re being subtly promo-ey. So does everyone else. Don’t do it, it’s not the place or intent of our space here. This includes private messaging members of the group with the intent to promote or sell from a business you are associated with, or asking them to private DM you with an intention to promote to them later. This container is precious. Please remain in that precious energy. If you want others to trust you, show up with an open, generous heart that brings no strings attached, but is genuinely interested in connecting with other open hearts. [[Having said this, this sacred space was created and curated by Nicole Phoenix Starr and the 11 Pillars who are foundational members of A Red Tent. As such, they may share posts about their work and make offers to this group that are in alignment with the topics of the Tent, and you are welcome to partake in them, or not. There is no pressure or expectation around this ever.]]

5. Keep Content on Topic

Please keep posts on point to topics relevant and related to A Red Tent themes. The focus of A Red Tent is to be a safe, respectful space for women and those who identify as women to share, learn and revel in the experience of everything that is of woman and the divine feminine. Content that is not relevant to this, or content that does not stay on topic with what arises from relevant conversations about A Red Tent themes, will be deleted. Out of respect to the collective here, do not post third party content that is not on topic, such as photos, videos, quotes, memes, links. Take responsibility for what you post - do not post something you aren’t sure about and say “if it’s not okay to post this, just delete it”. If you aren’t sure whether something is on topic or appropriate to post, contact the admins and ask. If a post is deleted, it’s because it did not meet the guidelines and rules of A Red Tent; further explanations will not be provided and queries about this will not be answered. This is to maintain the purposeful clarity of this space. Sharing is welcome, as long as it is on topic.

6. Dive In, Participate, Interact

This is a precious space to invoke and evoke your full potential - this is encouraged, always in all-ways. Be yourself. Have fun. Ask questions. Support others. Engage. Interact. Be fabulous. You will always be encouraged to flourish, thrive. If you aren’t sure about something, ASK.

You are precious and beautiful, and it’s so amazing that you’re here!

Enjoy yourself in this space, give what you want, take what you need from it, know that you are loved just for being you.

~ A Red Tent Pillars Collective x

A Red Tent is:
A safe, respectful space.

A gathering of women of all ages and walks of life, sharing our wisdom; the wisdom of our ancestors and the women that have walked the path before us.

A familiar place where you can truly be yourself, like coming home.

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sometimes all any of us needs in life is for someone to hold our hand and walk next to us....