The Pillars of 
A Red Tent

Pillar   Introductions ...

Ma Durgaji Ibu Jro Putu Widiani Nicole Phoenix Starr

Nicole Phoenix Starr is an ordained Hindu High Priestess.  A humble, down to earth woman.   Her tantric guru gave her the name Durgaji on their first meeting.  Pronounced: Durr-gah-gee.   An extraordinary journey.  She has graced world stages, run events, immersions and retreats in many places.  Everyone who meets her finds a part of themselves within her and her life story.   A solo mother of three children who navigates life from the sacred in every moment. A catalyst for the awakened journey for thousands of people.  A gracious guide.  A wise woman. A leader.  A teacher. Our visionary and birther of A Red Tent.

Aranyani Jas: Is an intuitive creative artist & spiritual psychic medium. She shares her wisdom through crystal readings, creating & teaching art and striving to live an integral, congruent & inspired life. She is so excited for A Red Tent & it’s empowered offering. She is so looking forward to sharing this space with you.

Dadong(Grandmother) Sue:  Woman, Mother,  daughter, sister, friend, teacher, and facilitator of deep healing.   Dadong Sue loves " being" in nature with the trees, (Pictured with one of her faves) in the sea, sun and fresh air.  It nourishes her soul. Meditation nourishes her and it is one of the gifts she likes to offer. She has learnt that Self Care is so important for growth.  Being and meeting women of all ages has been a divine blessing. Learning, sharing, inspiring and supporting each other gives us all strength to “ be “ ourselves.

Fotini Koklas is a Psychologist, Intuition Mentor and Writer. Her approach is based on connection between mind-body and intuition to help clients increase personal resilience and their sense of happiness and well-being. Fotini believes all individuals have the unique capacity to expand their perspective, heal, grow and ultimately enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Gayatri Krissy GK:  GK is so excited and honoured to share this space with you.  She is  passionate about All things Health and Yoga. Yoga has helped her to slow down and to open her heart and BE with what IZ. Krissy loves to flow around her yoga mat and strives to flow through life with the same ease and grace.  After many years of unhealthy eating habits and addictions she now runs wellness programs to Purify the Body leading to Optimum Health and Vitality.

Katalin Wilby: Facing adversity and the harsh reality of life in the Outback Desert of South Australia, Katalin finds the courage and strength to shine her light and find her voice.  To know that one inspired action step has the power to heal and that fear no longer has a hold on you!  This is the power of conscious connection.  Finding Liberation in learning to speak her truth and reclaiming her power, through Connection, Freedom, Love & Empowerment.

Liz Durdin: As a sacred creative artist and teacher Liz uses the canvas as a portal into the realm of essence nature.  This is a powerful space of deep intuition and evolutionary transformation. It exists within each of us.  In sacred creativity every mark is intentional; every colour and stroke of the brush a step on the path to liberation.   Liz feels deeply honoured to join you and all sisters in A Red Tent and very much looks forward to sharing this space with you.

Naomi Fern Wills: Is a wellness practitioner, an unschooling mom and a forester. She shares her wisdom through quantum biofeedback technology and loving guidance. Naomi Fern is a disciplined seeker of her own life evolution. Sheis here on earth to live in optimum health, pure vitality and to explore infinite possibilities with wonder and curiosity.

Nicky Richardson: Is a Pilates Instructor, Plant -based Foodie, Mom, Wife and an Evolving Soul. Through her ongoing journey of self-discovery, Nicky has learnt that self - awareness on an emotional and physical level is the key to inner peace, self-love and freedom. Her passion is to inspire and support others to bring more Self Awareness and Love into their lives through Movement, Intuitive Flow and Nourishment.
#Wholehearted Movement

Sandee Waite:  Is an experienced educator who enjoys nurturing young children and teaching them conscious inquiry. Sandee is entering her “Queenager” years with an intention of health, vitality and a yearning to transform and connect with community. She loves the natural elements and their cycles and values the richness of including them in her ritual and healing practices.

Sri Katie: Once upon a time she strove to blend into the background, invisible.
Now, she is learning to stand and be seen, to discover her self worth and Katie LOVES it! A parent and carer, Katie’s wisdom continues to evolve by tuning into one’s power, learning acceptance, caring for self while caring for others and the huge task ofuncoupling.